Director Check

Director Checklist

The Questions to ask your Fleet Manager

In order for the Directors and business to be protected from fleet risk, there must not only be answers to the following but there must be PROOF shown digitally, as this is what the Police and HSE will look for in an investigation.

These questions apply to all vehicles – including those that are private vehicles used for any company business – even as simple as someone using their car to buy milk for a company meeting (‘Grey Fleet’). Whether the vehicles are owned or leased, the same laws and regulations apply to the company’s legal responsibilities.

We recommend that the questions and answers are given face to face and with no notice so everything is clear and transparent. The evidence trail is crucial as this is what will be asked if there is a serious incident and the police or HSE investigate.

This may seem like a lot of questions but it represents just a small part of what your Fleet Team should be doing to protect you. A few minutes asking these questions could save the Directors and business significant financial penalties and keep you from being prosecuted.


For 2 random company vehicles on the fleet

  • What were the results of the vehicle checks yesterday? (Must include state of tyres, brakes and lights)
  • Where is the proof the driver has confirmed the vehicle is legal and roadworthy?
  • When was the last date and detail of inspection failures for these two vehicles?
  • Who was informed that the vehicles had an inspection failure?
  • Where is the evidence of this?
  • When was this vehicle last serviced (date and mileage)?
  • When is the MOT due?

For 2 Grey Fleet vehicles (employee owned but used on business) Ask the same questions as above and..

  • When was the last time the driver’s insurance cover was checked to ensure
    • They have adequate business insurance
    • That the policy is still valid (and they pay the premium annually rather than monthly)
  • When is the MOT expiry date?
  • When was the vehicle last serviced and where is the documentation to prove this?
  • How many endorsement points has the driver got on their driving licence? What were these for?



Whatever the answers are – Vigilant can assist

If there is any doubt about the answers you were given – there is a potential risk.

Vigilant can carry out a audit and produce a detailed report for you that will be able to give you the ‘peace of mind’ that your fleet is compliant and that the business and directors are protected should an incident occur involving your vehicles or drivers.

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